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Everything You Need to Know About Elevai

Jan 29, 2024

Amidst the advertisements of skincare products promising miraculous results, a revolutionary brand stands out – one rooted in scientific innovation and proven efficacy. Enter Elevai: a groundbreaking post-procedure exosome skincare line that goes beyond promises to heal your skin truly.

Elevai isn’t just another skincare brand; it’s an award-winning professional line trusted by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skincare professionals. At its core, Elevai utilizes stem cells that release exosomes to penetrate the skin and mimic the body’s natural healing responses. With its patent-pending ELEVAI Exosome™ technology, Elevai has created the next big thing in the skincare world.

In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Elevai – from the brand’s founders to the groundbreaking technology that sets it apart. Explore the science-backed products of Elevai, uncover their transformative results, and hear from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Curcio on the effectiveness of Elevai’s skincare solutions.


What is Elevai?

The formulation of Elevai is due to cutting-edge, data-driven research overseen by esteemed medical professionals. Dr. Jordan Plews, with a background in Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocess Development and Stem Cell Research & Molecular Biology, joined forces with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed to bring their collective expertise to the creation of Elevai.

Elevai developed its Elevai E-Series™ to deliver comprehensive support for post-treatment skin care and daily aftercare. Comprising two exosome-infused products, ELEVAI enfinity™ and ELEVAI empower™, this series harnesses the power of exosomes – compacted nanoparticle compartments loaded with growth factors essential for skin health.

Elevai’s patent-pending ELEVAI Exosome™ takes center stage in this innovative skincare line, skillfully mimicking the skin’s natural repair processes. This groundbreaking technology combines high-quality actives to facilitate skin regeneration following treatments. Elevai combines the academic knowledge, clinical experience, and business background of both Dr. Plews and Dr. Sayed to create a skincare line dedicated to scientific excellence and skin rejuvenation.


ELEVAI PREx Technology™: How it Works

Dr. Plews led over 15 years of extensive stem cell research to develop Elevai skincare products. Through this research, he discovered how to mimic the skin’s natural repair sequence using the innovative “source to skin” technology platform known as PREx Technology™, or Precision Regenerative Exosome Technology. This approach became a new and ethical way to treat aging skin safely.

Ethically sourced stem cells are utilized at the core of this process, specifically Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hUMSC). Elevai harnesses the power of these cells to capture released exosomes, carefully filtering the concentrate to create ELEVAI Exosomes™.

The choice of ethically sourced hUMSC is deliberate, as youthful skin has a higher presence of stem cell populations. As we age, the responsiveness of our skin’s repair messages diminishes, resulting in a prolonged healing process. Elevai harnesses the power of these cells to capture released nano-vesicles, called exosomes, carefully filtering the concentrate to create ELEVAI Exosomes™. This release propels the body to expedite its natural healing mechanisms, resulting in a skincare breakthrough combining efficacy and ethical sourcing. Elevai’s commitment to advancing skin rejuvenation responsibility is evident in this groundbreaking approach.


ELEVAI E-Series™

The ELEVAI E-Series™ consists of two powerful serums utilizing ethically sourced ELEVAI Exosomes™ to revitalize and balance the skin. Whether it’s ELEVAI enfinity™ or ELEVAI empower™, both serums serve as ideal post-procedure skincare as they aid in the natural repair process of your skin barrier. Explore the benefits and features of the next generation of post-procedure skincare:

  • ELEVAI enfinity™
    ELEVAI enfinity™ is a daily-use at-home serum that contains ELEVAI Exosomes™ to improve skin health and rejuvenation. This serum blends ELEVAI Exosomes™ with powerful ingredients: vitamin C, copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, and premium skincare ingredients, among others, to promote well-balanced skin. Regular use allows Users to expect skin tone, texture, and firmness enhancements. Additionally, with consistent application, users should see a reduced visibility of redness, pigmentation, and fine lines.
  • ELEVAI empower™
    ELEVAI empower™ is an exosome serum specially formulated for in-office application following a skin procedure. This single-use serum is highly concentrated with clean ingredients, accelerating the skin’s natural recovery process. ELEVAI Exosomes™ are combined with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and a biomimetic ceramide complex to deliver rapid and effective results. Ideal for procedures such as mid-depth chemical peels, microneedling, injectables, lasers, and surgical procedures, ELEVAI empower™ ensures a swift and efficient recovery.
    Clear results are expected within 3 hours of application, reducing the visibility of redness, pigmentation, fine lines, and uneven skin tone when used post-procedure.


Dr. Curcio’s Thoughts on Elevai

When trying new skincare products, especially those exclusively accessible through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or skincare professionals, thorough research and insights from board-certified experts are crucial. Dr. Curcio provides her expert opinion on Elevai, expressing her thoughts:

“I believe the post-procedure product, empower™, is a ‘game changer.’ We haven’t seen anything thus far that can nearly eliminate post-procedure erythema for all patients and procedures. Even if patients experience residual swelling, their post-procedure outlook improves significantly without redness, leading to an immediate boost in self-confidence and satisfaction with their results.” Natalie M. Curcio, MD, MPH, MMHC, FAAD

Whether you need post-procedure care with Elevai empower or seek daily maintenance with Elevai enfinity, both products are available at Curcio Dermatology. Dr. Curcio supports the Elevai E-Series after witnessing its remarkable effectiveness in reducing post-laser redness.

Elevai | Curcio Dermatology

Begin your skincare journey with Elevai’s E-Series by arranging a consultation at Curcio Dermatology. For additional details about Elevai products, you can visit Elevai’s website here. Uncover the transformative capabilities of Elevai empower and enfinity for achieving radiant and rejuvenated skin.
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