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Kybella Nashville | Double Chin Injections

“Double Chin” Treatment
According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 7 out of 10 people — women and men alike — are frustrated by submental fullness: the presence of subcutaneous fat that can detract from an otherwise pleasing appearance. Though the chin and neck are frequently overlooked by patients hoping to improve their appearance, these features function as an important frame for the face, and can dramatically improve the way you look. The presence of submental fat, whether due to genetics, diet, aging, or some combination of those, can add the impression of both years and pounds to a person’s face.

What is KYBELLA™?

The FDA has approved KYBELLA™, a safe and effective option to get rid of submental fullness – better known as a “double chin.” KYBELLA™ is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment option for double chin. KYBELLA™, formerly known as ATX-101, is non-animal deoxycholic acid that dissolves unwanted, excess fat. Deoxycholate is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body and helps in the process of breaking down fat.

Is KYBELLA™ available now?

Yes. KYBELLA™ was FDA-approved in late April 2015 for the treatment of submental fat. As of August 2015, KYBELLA™ is available at Curcio Dermatology.

Why should I choose Dr. Curcio for my KYBELLA™ treatment?

Dr. Curcio was selected among a few dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the country to be one of the first physicians to be able to offer Kybella at her office. She is an expert injector and is highly skilled in the area of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She also participated in some of the Kythera clinical trials to get KYBELLA™ FDA-approved during her Mohs Surgery fellowship with Dr. Gary Monheit in Birmingham, AL. If you are interested in Kybella, contact us today.

How does KYBELLA™ differ from mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy describes the use of chemical injections into the fat layer to diminish the number of fat cells. Mesotherapy has been performed in the U.S. with non-FDA-approved products. Most commonly, these mesotherapy compounds included chemical compounds such as deoxycholic acid or phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is not approved for injection in the U.S. KYBELLA™ (deoxycholic acid) is the first FDA-approved injection use for deoxycholic acid in non-invasive fat reduction.

Are results from KYBELLA™ seen immediately?

Multiple injection sessions at monthly intervals are required to achieve optimal improvement. While most patients achieved desired reduction within two to three double chin treatment injection sessions, up to six sessions may be required.

Will my skin sag if fat is eliminated with KYBELLA™?

No. As demonstrated in the clinical studies submitted to the FDA, as the fat reduction occurs in the chin and neck area, the skin retracts or tightens to provide a more defined chin and jawline.

How long does KYBELLA™ last?

The active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, in KYBELLA™ has been shown to naturally break down fat in the body. Therefore, the elimination of fat cells related to KYBELLA™ treatment should be permanent. However, weight changes due to diet and exercise habits could increase the size of remaining fat cells.

What are the possible side effects and downtime following KYBELLA™ treatment?

Some swelling and tenderness after treatment is expected, though it usually resolves within a few days. There may also be temporary numbness at the injection site, which resolves. The use of ice and painkillers (Tylenol and NSAIDs) reduces these mild effects.

What is the KYBELLA™ procedure like?

After a consultation in which the patient and doctor agree that KYBELLA™ is the appropriate double chin treatment, the patient returns for the procedure. The patient is given Tylenol and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories by mouth. The area to be treated is marked with a pen and numbed using topical anesthesia or some other method. Then, KYBELLA™ is injected into the skin. The actual time required to complete the procedure is about 15 to 20 minutes, and patients can return to work or their daily routine immediately afterward.

Are KYBELLA™ injections painful?

Kybella involves a minimal amount of discomfort during injection of the solution but otherwise is extremely well-tolerated. To increase patient comfort during the procedure, Dr. Curcio pre-treats patient with an anesthetic called lidocaine. Additionally, she provides cooling of the skin with ice, which distracts from any mild discomfort, before and immediately after the procedure.

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How much does Kybella cost and how much do I need?

Prices for Kybella depend on the severity of submental fat to be treated and the number of treatment sessions. At Curcio Dermatology, we charge by the amount of Kybella used, ranging typically from 2 vials (4cc) for small chin fat areas to around 5 vials (10 cc) for larger necks.

Multiple injection sessions at monthly intervals are required to achieve optimal improvement. While most patients achieved desired reduction within three double chin treatment injection sessions, up to six sessions may be required.

Can I use KYBELLA™ with other procedures?

Yes, KYBELLA™ may be used by experienced, core-specialty physicians in combination with other procedures to enhance the neck and jawline. KYBELLA™ may be used in some patients as an alternative to liposuction. As KYBELLA™ eliminates unwanted fat in the submental area, it may be combined with other neck rejuvenation procedures to produce a more pleasing jawline and neck. For example, Forma (non-invasive radiofrequency) may provide additional skin tightening and lifting to complement the contouring effect from KYBELLA™. Skin resurfacing treatment options such as Fractora may be used to further improve fine lines and wrinkles of the face, neck, and jawline. Excessive neck fat outside of the submental neck may be treated with MiniFx, a radiofrequency device that permanently kills fat. A Photofacial or IPL may be used to improve sun damage or brown spots of the face, jawline and neck to complement the fat reduction properties of KYBELLA™ by evening out skin tone. Excel V (vascular laser) may be used to reduce redness, broken blood vessels, or poikiloderma of the face, neck, and jawline.

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Learn more about Kybella™ as a double chin treatment for Nashville Tennessee area patients. Call expert Dr. Natalie Curcio of Curcio Dermatology of Green Hills at (615) 679-9011 to schedule a consultation and find out more or request an appointment online.

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