Cherry Angiomas

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Cherry hemangiomas are little red bumps that most commonly appear on the trunk, especially the abdomen and back, although they can appear almost anywhere. They resemble little red moles, and are generally only a few millimeters in size. They often begin to appear in young adulthood into middle age. They are usually raised. People who get cherry hemangiomas seem to get more and more as time goes on. People can have hundreds of these red bumps on their trunk, extremities, head and neck. They are completely benign, but many people do not like the way they look. There are inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion, which means if you have them, one of your parents have them!

Cherry Angiomas Treatment

  • Vascular lasers such as the Excel V: They are easily treated with vascular lasers that target blood vessels. Most smaller cherry hemangiomas resolve in a single treatment. Immediately after treatment, they turn purple and then disappear in about 1-2 weeks.

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