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Double Chin

“Double Chin” or Submental Fullness

According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 7 out of 10 people — women and men alike — are frustrated by submental fullness or “double chin”: the presence of subcutaneous fat under the chin that can detract from an otherwise pleasing appearance. Though the chin and neck are frequently overlooked by patients hoping to improve their appearance, these features function as an important frame for the face, and can dramatically improve the way you look. The presence of submental fat, whether due to genetics, diet, aging, or some combination of those, can add the impression of both years and pounds to a person’s face.

Submental Fullness Treatment:

  • KYBELLA™ is an FDA-approved nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment option to get rid of submental fullness – better known as a “double chin.” KYBELLA™, formerly known as ATX-101, is non-animal deoxycholic acid that dissolves unwanted, excess fat. Deoxycholate is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body and helps in the process of breaking down fat. Multiple injection sessions at monthly intervals are required to achieve optimal improvement.

Dr. Curcio is one of the first physicians in the state of TN to offer Kybella since it was available in August 2015.

  • MiniFX™ is body contouring procedure specifically for treatment of “double chin” that uses clinically proven radio-frequency (RF) energy to provide the next generation of non-invasive liposuction via lipolysis (killing of fat cells). MiniFX™ provides long lasting results for an improved and smoother neck contour. RF has been demonstrated to provide tightening results on the skin after killing of fat. The combination of RF energy and a vacuum, provides permanent destruction of unwanted fat cells that are naturally emitted from the body. For optimal results, weekly treatments are performed for 8 weeks.

Dr. Curcio is one of the first three physicians in the US to offer MiniFX since its initial production in 2015.

Dr. Curcio is a board-certified Dermatologist who completed a prestigious fellowship in Cosmetic and Laser Surgery. Set up a consultation and let her customize the best treatment plan for your.

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