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Skin Care and Staying Home in Nashville

Are you a Nashville resident or visitor looking for holiday beauty hacks? At home skin care can seem daunting with all of the different products and methods to navigate through. A lot of research can go into what works for your body or what even works at all since your skin health is incredibly important. Having the right skin care routine can make a huge and noticeable difference to the health of your skin. The care methods from a 30 Seconds post by Dr. Natalie Curcio are very effective and are dermatologist approved and recommended so you know that you will be getting results if you decide to pick the habit up and try them out.

Dr. Curcio recommends great tips, such as incorporating an exfoliating cleanser 2 times a week with ingredients in the formula such asalpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and/or beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs). She also sheds light into the benefit of Vitamin C stating that is an essential antioxidant that must be topically applied to the skin for maximal efficacy.

If you aren’t exactly ready to go out to see your dermatologist these are great ways to start caring for your skin from home. You can wow friends and family with a healthier look when you see them again!

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Dermatologist-Recommended Holiday Beauty Hacks (link to full article)

Dermatologist-Recommended Beauty Products: 7 Holiday Beauty Hacks From a Skin-Care Expert

Posted on: 8 Dec, 2020