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How to Minimize Pores

Feb 21, 2022

President and Founder of Curcio Dermatology, Dr. Natalie M. Curcio MD, MPH, has been featured in a recent Mindbodygreen Lifestyle blog, How To Minimize Pores: 10 Gentle, Natural Tips For Clear Complexions. Blog writer, Dorian Smith-Garcia, addresses the different ways you can minimize pore size from the comfort of your own home. With references and quotes from respectable doctors and dermatologists, the blog includes 10 of their tips on how to maintain healthy-looking skin and nearly invisible pores. Dr. Curcio is mentioned alongside other credible doctors and dermatologists to give tips on their specialty. In the section about incorporating chemical exfoliants, Dr. Curcio gives her professional opinion on OTC exfoliants that work to break down dead skin cells. Through her years of expertise, Dr. Curcio shares her recommendations for minimizing pores safely at home. She encourages readers to not make the mistake of over-exfoliation to prevent irritation. By recommending a gentle exfoliating routine, readers can too find the same balanced routine that Dr. Curcio implements. Check out the link below to read the Mindbodygreen Lifestyle informational article with Dr. Curcio.

10 Gentle, Natural Ways To Minimize Pore Appearance (

If you find that your pores are still visibly enlarged, we recommend following a different treatment routine. While it cannot be determined without consultation, if your pores are not responding to other OTC treatments, Curcio Dermatology offers a variety of effective treatments. From prescribed topical retinoids to resurfacing lasers, Curcio Dermatology uses the latest and most effective products and treatments that are on the market today. Depending on your skin condition, we may even recommend a combination of treatments and approaches. Dr. Curcio and our team are happy to make an appointment with you to determine what treatment is best for your skin!

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