Dr. Curcio Weighs In For Reader’s Digest

A recent online article highlighting the 14 Best Moisturizers as recommended by Reader’s Digest features Dr. Natalie Curcio as a main source of information. Reader’s Digest trusts dermatologists with giving them accurate information on various products so they can recommend the best products available to their readers. Dr Curcio is quoted in this article as a premier source, supporting the DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream as the best way to keep your skin healthy and moisturized by activating your LGR6-positive stem cells.

Keeping your face moisturized and protected from elements such as the sun’s UV rays are key to keeping your skin healthy and looking young. If you have any questions about your skin or the products you have been using, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to determine how your skin care regimen is affecting the health of your skin and recommend ways to get back your natural glow.

Curcio Dermatology

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Posted on: 21 Jun, 2021