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Curcio Dermatology Recommends Sunscreen to Minimize Skin Cancer Risk (even on shady days)

Sep 17, 2019

Curcio Dermatology recommends sunscreen to Nashville residents who are seeking to prevent or avoid skin cancer. Although skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the Unites States, there are several steps you can take to minimize your risk.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends taking the following steps to minimize your chances of developing skin cancer.

  1. Seek shade when available
  2. Wear protective apparel and clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and hats
  3. Apply a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher (even on shady days)

The Skin Cancer Foundation (, which contends that 20% of Amercians will develop skin cancer by the age of 70, reported that clouds may block only 20% of UV rays. In other words, it is possible that on a cloudy day in Nashville, you may still receive over 50% of the sun’s powerful UV rays. In addition, UV rays can reach your skin by bouncing off reflective surfaces around you. So the shade above you may not be as protective as you assume if the sun rays can bounce of an object around you to reach your skin.

A public health issue in Nashville and throughout Tennessee is that some Tennesseans do not have the means or access to sunscreen. Dr. Curcio recently met with Senator Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Jim Cooper to discuss this health access issue and other important healthcare issues, such as affordability of medications and a sustainable Medicare program.

skin cancer prevention tips

Did you know?
A tan is a physical indication that your skin has been injured. Your skin can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays or ultraviolet light from an indoor tanning salon.

Do you have a question about a recent tan mark or skin reaction? Feel free to ask us a question or click here to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or aesthetician. We look forward to hearing from you.


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