Laser Hair Removal




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Laser hair removal works to reduce dark hair on a variety of skin types. Effective laser hair removal requires the appropriate equipment, a personalized treatment regimen, and an experienced physician. There are many lasers for hair removal on the market, and Dr. Curcio has evaluated and used many of them. She has selected a laser for permanent hair removal for her practice that is state of the art in terms of maximum efficacy, patient comfort, and patient safety.

Diolaze™ represents both quality and innovation and is the new champion of speed in the laser hair removal arena. Diolaze™ is the first laser to combine high peak power and the largest spot size simultaneously in the same session for a highly effective treatment. It treats most skin types. Diolaze™ utilizes contact cooling for a virtually painless and safe treatment.

At Curcio Dermatology, the laser hair removal procedures are performed by Dr. Curcio, a board-certified dermatologist. She has also completed a prestigious fellowship in Cosmetic and Laser Surgery and is highly experienced in many laser procedures, including laser hair removal. She can personalize a treatment regimen to help you attain the best possible cosmetic result.

Make an appointment with Dr. Curcio to determine if laser hair removal is right for you.