Very Happy to Recommend Dr. Curcio as a Dermatologist and a Mohs Surgeon

I first saw Dr. Curcio for treatment for a basal cell skin cancer on my left arm.  After she excised it there was a long incision due to the size of the original lesion.  She gave me clear and simple directions on how to take care of it.  It healed beautifully.  After a short time you could barely see evidence of the incision.  She is very gentle in performing the surgery.

Later, after a full body check, she found a rough spot on my left calf which three other dermatologists (over a period of five years) had told me was due to aging.  She biopsied it and it was a squamous cell cancer.  It needed Mohs surgery.  I am 73 years old and she told me that areas on the lower part of your body can take longer to heal.  But I followed her instructions again on how to take care of it and it healed perfectly and quickly with no noticeable scar.  She is a genius surgeon.

I am very happy to recommend Dr. Curcio as a dermatologist and a Mohs surgeon.  I think she is the best!  I grew to think of her not just as a wonderfully skilled doctor, but also a friend.

We miss her here in California.

Posted on: 29 Dec, 2013