Curcio Dermatology is Nashville’s premier dermatologic surgery and skin rejuvenation center, providing outstanding medical care with professionalism and full attention to patient comfort. We provide the latest medical technology, the newest lasers and devices, and most current treatments in a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Green Hills. From skin cancer screenings to modern cosmetic skin treatments, Curcio Dermatology is experienced in both medical and surgical procedures.
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Where do I begin? First of all, I would like to state that Dr. Curcio is an excellent physician. I have had the privilege of seeing her for Lip Injections (Filler), Botox and a Full Body Exam.

First, I must say that this doctor is extremely detail-oriented. I was nervous, as I usually get, that I would be a nuisance by being too nit-picky during my visit. To my pleasure, once in the exam room with Dr. Curcio my fears slipped away.  She made me feel at ease and comforted by both her demeanor and wealth of knowledge. Not only did she make me as comfortable as possible during the Lip Injection process but filled my lips to my liking and evened them out, as my lips are naturally slightly asymmetric. She let me play an active role in determining what looked good on my face while exercising her expertise to the fullest.

Second, having seen a Dermatologist previously for Botox I really had no interest in doing this again as I hadn’t had good past experience. From an experience with a different physician, my eyebrows had drooped (a known risk) and it really impacted my confidence. It hadn’t crossed my mind to try Botox again on that site and I just figured it wasn’t for me. I told Dr. Curcio about this just as a conversation piece and she took a strong interest in the matter. She took photos of my face as I still had the effects from the prior work done. She called me up a few days later and stated that she knew exactly where to place the Botox and what had gone wrong and provided me clinical evidence of these findings. I loved the deep interest she had taken and I expressed that once the prior Botox wore off I would trust her to do it. I am so glad I did! The effects were exactly what I was hoping for and lasted the full length of what they could. I will definitely ask her to do it again.

Third, follow-up appointments were equally thorough, as was the Full Body Exam. I am so thankful for having crossed paths with Dr. Curcio. I now appreciate the benefits of cosmetic enhancement for the wonderful treat that it is. I also have a deeper respect for skin care, in general, thanks to this lovely doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Curcio for any dermatology need.

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Dr. Taylor DeFelice - MD
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