Curcio Dermatology is Nashville’s premier dermatologic surgery and skin rejuvenation center, providing outstanding medical care with professionalism and full attention to patient comfort. We provide the latest medical technology, the newest lasers and devices, and most current treatments in a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Green Hills. From skin cancer screenings to modern cosmetic skin treatments, Curcio Dermatology is experienced in both medical and surgical procedures.
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Curcio Dermatology

Strangely, as someone who traditionally is inclined to be uncomfortable with doctors’ visits and even more so on topics that may lean towards vanity versus pure health, I thoroughly enjoyed both the results and the visits to Dr. Curcio, as we investigated and ultimately surgically removed a benign, actively growing tumor on my left eyebrow that had visually bothered my wife and made me uncomfortable as a potential cancer source. Dr. Curcio’s energy, professionalism and focus on the issue were impressive and very much appreciated. Furthermore her concern that we be as careful as possible in ensuring the resulting surgery left no significant facial blemish was significantly stronger than my own and, in retrospect, illustrates another reason why she can be trusted with such an important areas as one’s looks. She explained everything in as much detail as I needed; was prompt and running on time; and truly a joy with whom to go through this procedure. She is very highly recommended as a person and as a surgeon.

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Dr. Taylor DeFelice - MD
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