My Friends Thought I Looked Younger

I first visited Dr. Natalie Curcio for cosmetic reasons in Birmingham, AL.  I am a sixty-five year old woman who wanted help with reducing wrinkles and volume loss on my face.  Dr. Curcio used Botox in my forehead, between my brows and in my crows feet and Juvederm in my cheeks to treat me with outstanding results.  I saw immediate improvement.  My friends thought I looked both younger and rested because of my retirement from teaching, but never suspected anything else! I knew, however, it was the excellent treatment I received from Dr. Curcio.  She was so sweet and kind in her treatment, too.  My results lasted a long time.  I am so glad Dr. Curcio has moved back to the south and I cannot wait for her to open her new practice in Nashville.  I will gladly make the trip from Alabama to Nashville to be treated by her again.

Posted on: 14 Feb, 2014