Blog: Mohs and Surgical Dermatology

Extremely Satisfied with the Care and the Outcome of all the Mohs Procedures

I had been a patient at the same office in Thousand Oaks for some time.  In 2012, my general dermatologist suggested that I let their newest Mohs Surgeon, Dr. Natalie Curcio, treat some of my newest outbreaks of skin cancers. … Continue reading

Very Happy to Recommend Dr. Curcio as a Dermatologist and a Mohs Surgeon

I first saw Dr. Curcio for treatment for a basal cell skin cancer on my left arm.  After she excised it there was a long incision due to the size of the original lesion.  She gave me clear and simple … Continue reading

Highly Recommended as a Person and as a Surgeon

Strangely, as someone who traditionally is inclined to be uncomfortable with doctors’ visits and even more so on topics that may lean towards vanity versus pure health, I thoroughly enjoyed both the results and the visits to Dr. Curcio, as … Continue reading

Her skill and bedside manner are second to none…She’s a great doctor and an even better person

I went to Thousand Oaks Dermatology to get my regular check up. Somehow, Dr. Curcio found this little speck on the left crease of my nose. Biopsy showed it positive for an aggressive BCC. She then did the Mohs surgery. … Continue reading

Her Command of the Profession is Stellar

Our one and only regret with Dr. Curcio, is that she left California to move back to Nashville, Tennessee.  We discovered her too late but our limited time with her, was the best we ever experienced after appointments with many, many … Continue reading

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